Hey guys, Check out the Bow/gun carry by Montana Scabbard!

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Hey guys, Check out the Bow/gun carry by Montana Scabbard. I was going to mount it my existing mountain bike, however you really should have a hard tail rather than a full suspension bike. So, in the rational thinking that you can all relate to, I purchased a 380.00 bike to go with my 45.00 scabbard. For those of you who may have a wife that may question this logic, I looked all through Craig’s list and most of the used bikes that I would have, were not far off in price. Further, I spent hardly any on gas to get to my local bike shop. Even further, I still have my mountain bike with my clip in egg beaters that I was not willing to put the shoe part of the clip in onto my hunting boots. If you are wondering why I am justifying so much, Shirley comes home from the beach tonight and I am practicing.

Ok, here is the set up

A closer shot

I had to create a little mount; it really comes set up for a gun

More on the bow mount; I cut the screws off so they would not go through and hit the cam

A little wood, ski rope strap, contact cement, foam from my kayak seat

This is the empty box; you can see I attached some Velcro on the side

It comes like this for a gun

Two screws and BAM!  It is ready for a bow.

Note: you have to have one of those behind the seat rack as you can see in the pictures. My buddy threw in the rack and the water bottle with the new bike (will have to remember that part when discussing the project with Shirley).

Note two: I am looking for one of those kid carriers, used of course, that you pull behind the bike to convert to a hunting trailer

Happy Hunting,


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