Hand-Crafted Clocks

The traditional Schoolhouse and Tavern style clocks make the PERFECT GIFT. No gift is more special than one that will last for generations to come. Given to that special someone for a special occasion such as, an Anniversary, Wedding, Birthday Graduation, Retirement or that special Grandchild will be cherished for a lifetime.

I am certain you can think of your own special occasion for such a wonderful gift.

Montana Scabbards Clocks are custom handcrafted the old fashion way, one at a time. Each Schoolhouse or Tavern clock body is made from the same piece of wood. The grain of the wood matches throughout the clock. The dials are also specially made one at a time. No two dials are ever identical.

+Clock features

  • Custom made dials of your choice.
  • Bear, Elk, Moose, Wolf, Buffalo, Dogs, and Photographs. You want it. I do it. (Ask Me)
  • Quartz Chiming Pendulum Movement
  • Westminster Melody
  • Wood: Oak or Pine
  • Size: 22″H x 12″W x 4″D