+Should I order a right or left hand Montana Scabbard?

You need a right hand scabbard for a right handed Compound bow and a left scabbard for left handed Compound bow.

+Will your Scabbard work with a recurve or longbow?

For carrying a recurve or long bow you may need to add some extra padding for tip and limb. The foam material for protecting water pipes from freezing is ideal for this purpose. Recurve bows are much longer than a compound so you may need to attach the limb to the hand hold of the Scabbard.

+Will the scabbard hold a parallel limb compound bow?
Yes it will. It will also carry a rifle, shotgun, or muzzleloader.

+How does the Montana Scabbard mount to a bike?

A rear rack is required for mounting on a bike. The Montana Scabbard holds bows and rifles in a stable, upright position.

+Will your scabbard fit my rear suspension bike?

Our scabbards fit most rear suspension bikes, however, feel free to contact us so we can make sure you get what you need.

+How do I attach the scabbard if i have a full suspension bike?

You would need to use a seatpost pannier rack similar to the one pictured. If you order a scabbard for a full suspension bike please let me know in the comments on the order sheet, because I have to send an extra part in order for it to attach to the bottom of the seatpost pannier rack.
Seatpost Pannier Rack

Seatpost Pannier Rack